The institute has four (4) grade of membership. These are associate, graduate, members and fellows. Only members and fellows are qualified as “shipping practitioner”. Associates and graduate are not regarded as qualified “shipping practitioners”. The institute’s membership also extends to corporate level of operations in the maritime industry.


To be elected as an associate must satisfy the council that he:
{a}        is not less than 18 years old.
{b}        has passed the institute’s foundation examination or holds equivalent
Qualification as approved by the board of examiners.
{c}        progress to members on passing professional examination subjective levels
PS 201 to 406.


An applicant must not be less than 18 years of age. He/she must possesses a university degree, HND, professional qualification obtained from a recognized institution of higher learning plus a minimum of one (1) year satisfactory employment. Members in this grade are entitled to use the initials N.I.S.- Grade and progress to members on satisfying the council by passing part three subjects that is levels 401 to 406.


Eligibility for admission as a member of the institutes is governed by the following council’s accepted requirements:-
{a}        pass in the final examinations of the institute, as approved by boards of
Membership and examinations.
{b}        membership of professional bodies on shipping or ports administration on
Reciprocal basis. Such bodies include:-

  1. Chartered institute of shipbrokers
  2. Institute of freight forwarders
  3. Institute of shipping executives
  4. Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
  5. Institute of Export
  6. Institute of Transport Administration
  7. Institute of Port Administration
  8. Institute of Logistics Management
  9. Any other professional body as may be authorized by the council.

The council may grant exemptions on subject for subject basis depending on experience, otherwise they will be treated as NIS-Grades.
{c}        graduates of shipping or port administrations from approved and recognized
universities or polytechnics.
{d}        graduates of transport management from approved and recognized universities
or polytechnics, with proven years of practical experience in Shipping or port
Note (C) and (d) may be graded as NIS-Grade if sufficient experiences of five (5)
year are not obtained.
{e}        Any other graduate from approved and recognized Universities or Polytechnics provided the candidates can show evidence of year of practical experience in shipping or Port Administration of not less than ten (10) years managerial level, such admissions are purely at the discretion of the council, and may not be granted. Therefore those seeking such admission must be prepared to prove their worth’s. The institute may, in addition, demand a dissertation of not less than 5000 words.
{f}        Members in this grade are entitled to the initials M.N.I.S after their names.


To be elected as a fellow, the candidate must satisfy the council that he/she:-
{a}        Is not less than 35 years old.
{b}        Has been a member of the institute for at least five (5) years.
{c}        Has held for at least eight (8) years consecutively a high position of responsibility in shipping or related business.
{d}        Has distinguished himself/herself in shipping practice.
{e}        Is a principal in a firm or a director of a company in the business or profession of shipping in Nigeria or elsewhere.
{f}        Members in this grade are entitle to use the initials F.N.I.S. After their names.

NOTE:- Members and fellows are entitled to obtain the “Shipping Practitioners” license from the institute and open their consulting firms as “Shipping Practitioners”.


Corporate members shall be organizations, companies or Institutions directly interested in supporting the Institute’s objectives. These are in five
A       –   Shipping, Banks, Government/Inter-Governmental Bodies
B       –   Shipping Agents, Charterer’s Insurance Houses
C       –   Freight Forwarding Agents/other Port Users
D       –   Consultancy Firms
In all cases, membership certificates issued by the Institute remain the property of the Institute and may be withdrawn on proven cases of professional misconduct.