You will need to pass the Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE).
Candidate with a similar qualification with years of experience in the maritime industry will need to apply for exemption.

If you are a member of other institute related in shipping and is recognized by the Nigerian institute of shipping, as well as a member by examination, we will exempt you on subject basis.

Members who meet the necessary criteria can apply to the zonal branches or direct to it’s headquartered in Lagos to be considered for upgradement to fellowship.

Chartered status is conferred on fellows who may describe themselves as chartered shipping practitioners.

-members belong to the largest network of professionals in the shipping   
-all the activities of the institute will be charged at a lower rate.
-members are entitled to free quarterly journals and newsletter etc
-member can further their career to post graduate level at the various  
  Universities locally and international.

The current fees are MNIS =N= 5,000.00 or dollar equivalent, FNIS =N= 10,000.00 or dollar equivalent.

Subscriptions are due for January of each year.

Member will be regarded as dormant and will be given grace. However, a member who has not paid for subscription for two (2) consequent years will be withdrawn. A member will not be entitled to any benefits and other incentives from the institute throughout the period of dormancy.

Before you are qualify to write the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE). You are expected to fill the application form either from the zonal office or directly from the headquarters  in Lagos.

After registration as a student member, candidate must complete and return the examination form with the appropriate fee to either the zonal office or the head office.

The examinations are usually in two diets, May/June.

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The Nigerian Institute of Shipping is a professional body certificate of incorporation and registered number 3953.