SC  101          Introduction to shipping
SC  102          Communication and use of English
SC  103          Introduction to port operations
SC  104          Introduction to logistics and supply chain management
SC  105          Business mathematics
Candidates with five (5) credits 0’level qualifications who sit and pass technicians course are eligible to register for the foundation and Professional Examinations.
The graduates of this level are expected to work as wharf supervisors or operatives.


Foundation or Associate level
Professional Associates are expected are expected to be engaged as assistant
Managers in the shipping or allied companies.

The structure is as follows:-
PA  101         Quantitative Methods in Shipping
PA  102         Elements of Port Administrations
PA  103         Export Management
PA  104         Marketing Relating to Export
PA  105         Shipping Law 1
PA  106         Principles of Shipping
PA  107         Computer Appreciation

Professional level
Part one (1)             PS 201           Marine insurance
PS 202           Management accounting and finance
PS 203           Freight forwarding practice
PS 204           Maritime geography
PS 205           Port operations and management
PS 206           French language
PS 207           Multi disciplinary studies

Part two (2)             PS 301           Shipping management
PS 302           Finance of international trade
PS 303           Maritime economics
PS 304           Shipping law II
PS 305           Entrepreneurship
PS 306           Maritime communication and personnel

Part three (3)          PS 401           Sales and purchase of ship
PS 402           Ship chartering of brokerage
PS 403           International through transport
PS 404           Port development and potentials
PS 405           Shipping and port policy
PS 406           Shipping practice
PS 407           Thesis

Candidate with relevant professional or educational qualification validated by the Institute may be granted exemptions on any part(s) on subjects basis.
Appropriate fees are payable by candidates who so wish to be exempted.

Candidates wishing to take either the institute’s qualifying or dockworkers certificate examinations must first register with the institute as students.

Every applicant for registration, either as a student or member must not be a minor that is below18 years of age, at the date of application. Student at higher institution of learning may be allowed, to register, provided an officer of the rank of faculty dean or head of department of the institute recommends him/her.

The following qualifications are required for student registration:-
{a} Five (5) credit passes at school certificate examination conducted by WAEC.
Subject passes must include English language and mathematics. Other relevant
Subjects including Geography, Economics, Commerce, Book-keeping &
Accounting, among others.
{b} (SSCE) Senior secondary certificate of education with subjects and pass level as
In (a) above.
{c} The general certificate of education 0’level certificate with subject and pass level
As in (a) above.
{d} Holders of royal society of arts or London chamber of commerce 0’level c
Certificate with subjects and pass level as in (a) above.
{e} Matriculation examination or entrance examination of any university recognized
By the council including English and Mathematics.
{f} Mature candidate may be considered provided they can show evidence of years
Of years of practical experience in Shipping or Port Administration.
{g} Seamen competency certificates at an equivalent level.
{h} Holders of the institutes dockworkers certificate with credits in five subject.

Every candidate with 0’level qualifications must registered as Shipping certificate student and subsequent entry to the shipping certificate examination must be over fifteen (15) years of age.

Holders of statement of result issued by West African Examination Council five (5) subject passes at WAEC/SSCE Level or SSCE Certificate can be admitted as students.

Application must complete and return their registration forms and appropriate fees to the institute not later than the following dates of each examination diet:-

{a} 28th (or 29th) February for candidate doing the May examinations.

{b} 31st August for candidate doing the November examinations.

Registrations received after these dates will be deemed for the subsequent diet and not the current diet succeeding the date of payment.

Registration as a student does not confer membership of the Institute, and student may not use any initials after their names denoting that they are registered students of the institute. However, a registered student is entitled to receive the institute’s publication-Journals and Newsletters.

Candidates must purchase the examination entry form, complete and return it, together with the appropriate fees for each level, to the director of education and membership not later than the following date of each examination diet:-
{a} 31st March, for candidate doing the May examinations.
{b} 30th September, for candidates doing the November examinations.

Late entries will not be entertained by the institute.

The Institute’s examination fees are categorized and subject to review by the council. Candidates are expected to pay for:
{a} Examination entry forms
{b} Examination fees per subject at various levels
{c} Annual subscriptions, if not paid earlier
{d} Thesis supervision, administration and moderation for those at the level.

Applicable fees are obtainable at the Institute’s secretariat and are stated in the forms.

The Institute hold examination twice as follows:
{a} Third (3rd) week in May every year
{b} Third (3rd) week in November every year
(all examinations run from Monday through Wednesday at various centre’s).

Each candidate will be notified by post of the result of the examination. List of the successful candidate will be display at the secretariat and various branch offices.

The results are graded as follows:
Pass:- A 75% – 100%
B 60% – 74%
C 50% – 59%
D 40% – 49%
Fail:- E 33% – 39%
F Below 33%


{a} no person may be allowed to enter for the institute’s examination unless he has
Been duly registered as a student of the institute, and has paid the required
Annual subscription and examination entry fees in force at the date of entry.
{b} no person may be allowed to proceed to subsequent higher part without first
Completing a part.

{K} Misconducting in examination:
{a} No student is allowed to enter to enter the examination hall with any book,
Note, or other materials except that which has been authorized.
{b} Aiding or attempting to aid another candidate or obtaining or attempting to
Obtain aid from another candidate is prohibited.
{c} Candidate must obey any instructions from the Examination Supervisors or
{d} Giving a false or misleading information to the Examination supervisors or
Invigilators is prohibited.
{d} Examination Supervisors or Invigilators are empowered to discontinue the
Examination of a candidate suspected of misconduct, and to require him to
Leave the examination room. Any student failing to comply with the above
Regulations may be liable for such penalties as the institute may determine.

Exemptions are granted on a subject for subject basis from all subjects. However the Council reserves the right not to exempt candidates on the following subject.
Foundation (Associate) Level:-
PA106 – Shipping Practice

Professional Level:- (Part Three (3)):-
PS401 Ship Sales and Purchase
PS402 Ship Chartering and Brokerage
PS403 International through Transport
PS404 Port Development and Potentials
PS405 Shipping and Port Policy
PS406 Thesis

Eligibility for exemptions:-

{a} Degree or equivalent holders in disciplines other than shipping and general
Transport management with evidence of years experience in shipping management from associate level.

{b} Degree or equivalent holders in Shipping and/or general transport management, on subject basis, up to, and including, professional parts one (1) and two (2). They may not be exempted on professional part three (3).

{c} Members of the following professional bodies who qualified after 1995, will be granted exemptions on subject for subject basis:-
i Chartered Institute of Shipbrokers
ii Institute of Freight Forwarders
iii Institute of Export
iv Institute of Port Administration
v Institute of Shipping Executives
vi Chartering Institute of Logistics and Transport
vii Institute of Transport Administration
viii Institute of Logistics Management


{a} OND holders in Shipping or Transport
{b} Holders of equivalent certificates as in (a) above
{c} Associate members of other professional bodies in shipping and transport as in (c) of professional exemption above.
{d} Assistant Managers in Shipping and allied companies with not less than six (6) years cognate experience.


The Institute does not grant any exemption at this level.

Candidate applying for exemption should complete exemption form, on payment of
Fee, and return it to the Chairman of Education Board and Chairman of Membership
Board at the Institute. Candidates will be notified of the exemptions which they have
Been granted before entering for examination of the Institute at appropriate levels.