Nigerian Institute of Shipping

The Nigerian Institute of Shipping is a professional body certificate of incorporation and registered number 3953.

As a matter of fact, it emergence as the first indigenous professional body having been established on 20th October, 1983, following major shipping conference held in Lagos and Port Harcourt in 1981 and 1982 respectively by the Nigerian Shippers Council.  As a matter of fact, its emergence was a direct answer to the call by shipping technocrats, manufacturers, importers and exporters, bankers, insurance houses, academic and researchers etc for an organized professional body to promote and regulate the shipping industry.

On the 2nd July 1986, The then Minister of Internal Affairs, Col. John .N. Shagaya, endorsed the Certificate of Incorporation with registration No. 3953, thereby formalizing the existence of the first Nigerian Professional body on shipping known as “THE NIGERIAN INSTITUTE OF SHIPPING”. On the 26th July, 2002 the Charter of the Institute was gazette by act of Parliament via Government Notice No. 10 Vol. 89 to train and regulate shipping professions and related matters in Nigeria.

Nigerian Institute of Shipping has its National Headquarters in Lagos, with branches in Port Harcourt, Warri, Calabar, Owerri, Lokoja  Akwa Ibom and Abuja. The Nigerian Institute of Shipping is an organization operating as a specialized maritime transport professional body.  Policy direction is provided by the Governing Board and the Executive Council with members drawn from the maritime industry and academic environment in Nigeria.  The Secretariat is headed by a Registrar with an Assistant, couple with other Administrative Officers for effective administration.

HOWEVER, ON THE 19TH December, 2010 the House of Representative assed the Bill known as the Chartered Institute of Shipping of Nigeria


NIS runs professional examination in MAY/JUNE and NOV/DEC every year, She has graduated over 10,000 members since 1994 when her professional examination commenced.  Consequently many of them have gained admission into various universities in Nigeria running transport and shipping courses at postgraduate level among which are the Federal University of Technology, Owerri and Lagos State University Ojo, Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomosho etc. and various overseas universities

Furthermore, graduates of the Institute presently occupy managerial positions in the maritime, logistics, manufacturing and procurement industries.  Other activities the institute organizes include: National and international conferences, seminars workshops, training and distinguished lecture series.

Our Mission

NIS is an autonomous educational institute embedded in the official structure of the Institute and consequently has access to a global academic and industrial network.

NIS is rapidly acquiring a leading position in the fields of transport economics including maritime transport economics and logistics and is committed to maintaining and building on its excellent reputation among key players in the maritime, port and transport industries. Members joining NIS interactive programmes benefit from highly specialized instruction and intercultural training as well as from opportunities for international networking.

NIS’s department [Education and training, research and projects, and [events and conferences] can boast of a research and professional team with a proven track record in the field.

The strength of the team lies not only in its impressive academic credentials, its extensive field research and wide-ranging empirical knowledge, but also in its ability to put the [emerging] global and multicultural known-how into real terms.

NIS therefore highly values its Fellows, Members, faculty and staff who have committed their talents and careers to advance its mission, to evaluate their professional performance and to compensate them at national competitive levels.

In short, NIS constitute the node of academic rigor and practical assessment, this generating the value added touch.

Our Vision

NIS will be Africa’s premier/suppliers of highly specialize academic and practiced-based maritime and logistics education with a one-shop approach encompassing frontier of knowledge policy, Diploma program etc.

How do I become a member of the Nigerian institute of shipping?


Fundamentally, the main objective of the Institute is to stimulate and facilitate international business cooperation at all levels and in all aspects of maritime industry.


The Institute is an autonomous shipping professional body with presence both locally and international.

Drawing full range of expertise within the maritime industry in the country. The institute is to among other things:

  1. Facilitate the importance of maritime transport skill through on the job. Capacity building and sustaining.
  2. Training, seminars, lectures and meetings
  3. Ensure that expert advice is available to shipping interest on legal, technical, operational, financial matters and also to organize professional lectures and examination etc.